Why is this service free?

   Codes such as these are already free to use. The problem is that everybody doesn't use the same set of codes. This generates confusion between companies. Our goal is to standardize these codes. Using our partner site FastLinkSoftware.com, we can provide a comprehensive and up-to-date list that we see used every day.

Do I need to sign up or creat an account?

   Users who would like to download or upload codes will need to create an account with WholesaleBilling.com.

How can I get these codes?

   Simply click the "Country Codes" button when you're on the site. When you're on the Country Codes page, click on the "Download Codes" button. The codes will be downloaded in a .csv format so that you can use on your system.

I don't see a code in your system that I use in my applications. Am I using the wrong code?

   Although we try to provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date code list that we can, it's still possible that we missed some. If you have a code that we missed, and would like to contribute, go ahead and upload it via the County Codes screen. We will research it and if it checks out we will add it to the WholesaleBilling system so that other companies can use it too.

How can I search for a code or codes in WholesaleBilling.com?

   On the Country Codes page, you will find several search fields at the top of each column. Type into one or more of these search fields the codes you are looking for. You can modify your search by using one of the 3 buttons above the search field. Here is a list of the modifiers:

Is there a way I can contribute country codes to WholesaleBilling.com?

   Yes! If you want to add to WholesaleBilling.com you can by pressing the "Upload" button on the Country Codes page. You can enter in codes one-by-one or email us a formated spreadsheet at "codes@wholesalebilling.com".

How can I contact you for more questions?

   We can be reached by phone: 623-551-9647 or by email at "codes@wholesalebilling.com".